Our Process

Stage 1

Intake Meeting with Hiring Manager & any Interviewers
  • Our goal at this stage is to understand your company’s holistic view and your ideal profile of a successful role fulfillment. What candidate fits best with your company culture?
  • At this time, we review the proposed job description and provide feedback. All basic role information is gathered to ensure candidates are within the parameters required for consideration.
  • Your hiring manager and any potential interviewers are included from the very beginning. We obtain specific vetting questions from your hiring team so that we can have a well-informed conversation with your candidates. Questions range from technical and functional to situational and analytical.

Stage 2


  • Time to spread the word! We utilize many recruiting avenues to identify ideal candidates that line up with the job description. We have a full pipeline candidate talent pool we can draw upon, plus we use recruiting platforms that perform well in this space, such as LinkedIn Recruiter, DICE, Monster, and CareerBuilder.
  • Your onsite hiring team stays in the loop with weekly reports about all recruiting activity.

Stage 3

Three-Layer Candidate Vetting Process

  • This stage is where our recruiters shine! We start with an initial conversation with the candidate to gather information such as desired compensation, work authorization, availability to interview, reason for being on the job market, and how soon they can start. Our recruiters will vet the candidate’s experience against the job description and technical questions obtained during the intake meeting with the hiring manager.
  • Next up – if applicable – is a coding exercise. We provide the candidate with a coding assessment test relevant to their specific skill sets. Any successful candidates will be reported to your hiring team, along with assessment details and the candidate score.
  • The most crucial step is the internal technical interview. Our technical team is comprised of seasoned technical experts who also have experience with interviewing candidates. The SilverPeak internal technical team will provide you with detailed feedback to support their recommendation post interview.

Stage 4

Client Submittal
  • SilverPeak submits candidates for your consideration, including their resume, a completed submittal template, candidate assessment test results (for technical roles), and portfolio or use case stories (for functional roles). 
  • We interface with candidates that either move forward or haven't met your criteria.

Stage 5

Interview Process
  • Your hiring team has been kept in the loop this whole time, and now it’s time for you to meet the candidate(s). SilverPeak does the legwork for you by obtaining availability from both your hiring team and from the candidate(s). 
  • We support major interviewing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or a regular phone call.
  • Using our extensive expertise, we help your hiring manager make a data-driven hiring decision.

Stage 6

  • It’s a match! If the interview process was successful, we don’t just walk away. SilverPeak provides onboarding services for your company, including necessary reference or background checks.
  • We stay in touch with both the candidate and your company’s hiring team during the full pre- and on-boarding processes, making sure to inform all parties of any issues that may come up.

What We Do

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Temp-to-Perm/Contract-to-Hire (CTH)
  • Contract Staffing
  • Direct Hire

How We Do It

  • Partner – Management Relationship
  • 3-Layer Candidate Vetting Process
  • Full Lifecycle Recruiting
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making